Monday, January 25, 2016

Mapping Project January 20th and 25th at the Catskill Public Library

The Catskill Mapping Project creates civic engagement by inviting participants to walk the streets and trails of Catskill Village, while filling out blank maps with details that they find interesting, historical or thought-provoking. A core group of artists and activists, including Mollie Dash, Matt Bua, Bryan Lauas and Albert Flores, launched the project this past summer. We have created blank map templates both in hand-held and poster-size versions, and have begun to work on our own individual maps, as well as collaborative pieces. Mapping sessions are held every few weeks, where we share what we have learned through walking and investigating the village, we share source materials such as historical maps and books, and we work on collaborative maps. As newcomers arrive to the sessions we provide them with blank maps of their own and invite them to add information to the collaborative maps. A long-term plan for the project is to print editions of completed maps that will be available in old newspaper boxes that we have acquired. The maps will be visually appealing, serving both as Catskill guides, and as pieces of art that can by hung on the wall. The first three maps we will print are a Catskill transportation map, a map of Catskill’s walking paths, and a map of Catskill’s past, present and future. Plans also include the printing of a brochure- size map that will represent the synthesis of our ideas.