Monday, January 25, 2016

Mapping Project January 20th and 25th at the Catskill Public Library

The Catskill Mapping Project creates civic engagement by inviting participants to walk the streets and trails of Catskill Village, while filling out blank maps with details that they find interesting, historical or thought-provoking. A core group of artists and activists, including Mollie Dash, Matt Bua, Bryan Lauas and Albert Flores, launched the project this past summer. We have created blank map templates both in hand-held and poster-size versions, and have begun to work on our own individual maps, as well as collaborative pieces. Mapping sessions are held every few weeks, where we share what we have learned through walking and investigating the village, we share source materials such as historical maps and books, and we work on collaborative maps. As newcomers arrive to the sessions we provide them with blank maps of their own and invite them to add information to the collaborative maps. A long-term plan for the project is to print editions of completed maps that will be available in old newspaper boxes that we have acquired. The maps will be visually appealing, serving both as Catskill guides, and as pieces of art that can by hung on the wall. The first three maps we will print are a Catskill transportation map, a map of Catskill’s walking paths, and a map of Catskill’s past, present and future. Plans also include the printing of a brochure- size map that will represent the synthesis of our ideas.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daily Mail Catskill River Walk Loses Use Of Private Property

November 23, 2009

Catskill River Walk Loses Use Of Private Property

Catskill River Walk route changed

Private property owners along river disallow use

 Susan Campriello

A route of a walking trail that hugged the Hudson River’s shore between Dutchmen’s Landing and William St. in Catskill has been changed due to property owners’ concerns of land misuse and dangers.

The Catskill River Walk, which is part of the Catskill Walking Tour and the Hudson River Valley Greenway, used to lead away from the river from Dutchmen’s Landing by way of a bog, up a steep hill, over a stream via a wooden bridge and back toward a cliff above the riverbank. Walkers could follow the trail along the cliff, marked by circular signs attached to trees high above the ground, to William Street. Several property owners have allowed the trail to cross their holdings.

Now, according to the Greenway Committee’s Nancy Richards, who is also Catskill’s community development coordinator, the trail will not pass over private properties along the river.

Instead, the path will turn west, or away from the river, at Harrison Street. Walkers can follow it from there to Prospect Avenue and continue along that road north to Bridge Street.

From there, walkers can head back toward the river at the Beattie-Powers House, whose property is village-owned, she said.

Walkers can also follow William Street to the bank above the river.

The path also runs north along Spring St. passing the Thompson Street Village Cemetery and Thomas Cole’s Cedar Grove.

The entire Catskill Walking Tour trail links several historic buildings and sites along Main Street and on both shores of the Catskill Creek. Another branch of the trail leads to the RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary. The River Walk makes up the trail’s third branch.

At least one property owner along the River Walk said she has ceased allowing use of the trail on her property.

Lisa Fox Martin said Sunday she closed her yard from trail use as a courtesy to property owners, located north of William Street and of the trail, who have had trouble with trespassers and vandalism.

“We have to try to keep our property private through there because (people) walk through ours to theirs,” Fox Martin said.

She said she hoped people using the trail did stop where the trail ends and not venture on private property.

Fox Martin said although her property has been spared of damage over the years she has found condoms in her yard and other evidence of use.

She has also seen people stray from the path to sit on her lawn or in chairs on her lawn.

Vandalism is evident closer to the trailhead at Dutchmen’s Landing; the railings of a wooden bridge over stream are almost covered in painted and carved graffiti and a few trees along the trail have been tagged as well.

According to Richards, property owners between Dutchmen’s Landing and the Beattie-Powers House have also discontinued public use of the River Walk. These property owners along the trail were unavailable for comment.

Fox Martin suggested property owners might worry about their liability for any injuries sustained by people walking the path.

Robert Hoven, president of The Friends of Beattie-Powers, said he understood the liability concerns because the trail in places is close to the river but said he has not had problems with people using the River Walk.

“We have never had any vandalism at Beattie-Powers,” he said, adding that the path through the property had always been well maintained.

The property is a public park open from dawn until dusk, he said.

Nancy Richards said last week new walking tour signs and brochures depicting the new route will be made and swapped for the old ones.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Open- Mic March 9th

Saturday March 9th will be our second  Open-Mic from 7-9 pm
at the Catskill Community Center- Turn out or Tune into WGXC 90.7 fm and

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jerry Saltz concerning Outsider art

"Museums: I say it's time for you to set aside these old chauvinisms. There are no more excuses. You're on the wrong side of history. Your definitions of art are reductive and insular where they need to be inclusive and expansive. You've hit a wall. Change — or wither with your prejudices and die a slow death."
Jerry Saltz concerning Outsider art

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Mic Feb 9th at the Catskill Community Center

February 9th
Open Mic  
sign up for your slot at 6
show and live broadcast 7-9 pm
on 90.7 fm WGXC and
 and at the
Catskill Community Center
at 344 main street

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happened to the Catskill Community Garden?

I received a call from Nancy Richards in mid September in which she told me the Town of Catskill was planning on paving over the area behind the Senior Center where the garden and the Open-Air Classroom were. The reason being that they could rent parking spaces to the Greene County workers for 5$ a day.
She  said she would keep me posted and that we'd probably have till mid November.

Then on September 24th I received another call from Nancy and that she found out we only  had till October 1st to remove everything. She was also a little dismayed since she was having a hard time getting any info on who was making these decisions.

I thought it was interesting since after our meeting we had on April 27th 2011, prior to our first day of building, the town of Catskill's only concern was that it didn't interfere with the Irving School Parking spaces which It didn't. The Spaces were over 30 yards away.
See Daily Mail Article

So what changed? Why was there no conversation with anyone from the Garden or Community?
How much does the paving cost and how many cars have to park there to break even with the money put in for  the paving? Why does Greene County employees need more parking. (They also have a giant lot on bridge st)
I look forward to finding out the details.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

stone aged vehicle/gazeebo

Here's the flintstone car/shade structure as requested by Carol J. Be on the look-out for her version.
In the car is little Lea and Laura

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Additions to the Open air Classroom

Greg and Emily sitting in their freshly built shade structure chair
The Info Board/ Collaborative drawing surface as proposed by Dina of the Thai restaraunt
Ernest Armstead EMT built this new bed in which he will utilize Food cans from the Senior Center. Watch and see how it develops. Photos taken by Christian Dautresme

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chairs, and Educational Plant Beds- Josh in the foreground, Brian in the Middle ground(orange shirt) Max, Miles and Cory in the background.
John Peters and his new Cedar slat chair

1st day of Fun

Pat and Dina taking break