Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happened to the Catskill Community Garden?

I received a call from Nancy Richards in mid September in which she told me the Town of Catskill was planning on paving over the area behind the Senior Center where the garden and the Open-Air Classroom were. The reason being that they could rent parking spaces to the Greene County workers for 5$ a day.
She  said she would keep me posted and that we'd probably have till mid November.

Then on September 24th I received another call from Nancy and that she found out we only  had till October 1st to remove everything. She was also a little dismayed since she was having a hard time getting any info on who was making these decisions.

I thought it was interesting since after our meeting we had on April 27th 2011, prior to our first day of building, the town of Catskill's only concern was that it didn't interfere with the Irving School Parking spaces which It didn't. The Spaces were over 30 yards away.
See Daily Mail Article

So what changed? Why was there no conversation with anyone from the Garden or Community?
How much does the paving cost and how many cars have to park there to break even with the money put in for  the paving? Why does Greene County employees need more parking. (They also have a giant lot on bridge st)
I look forward to finding out the details.