Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Additions to the Open air Classroom

Greg and Emily sitting in their freshly built shade structure chair
The Info Board/ Collaborative drawing surface as proposed by Dina of the Thai restaraunt
Ernest Armstead EMT built this new bed in which he will utilize Food cans from the Senior Center. Watch and see how it develops. Photos taken by Christian Dautresme

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chairs, and Educational Plant Beds- Josh in the foreground, Brian in the Middle ground(orange shirt) Max, Miles and Cory in the background.
John Peters and his new Cedar slat chair

1st day of Fun

Pat and Dina taking break

First Day of Building

benches and beds Special Thanks to all those who came out and created the Space they wanted to see... Miles,Jessie,Brian,Langley,Pat,John,Emily, Greg,Cory,Eli,Josh,Josh, Carol,Danielle,Dina, Julie,Peter,Matt,Laura,Lea,Max,Miles,Allison,Pepper......